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123Auta.cz (2016)
Tisíce prověřených ojetých vozů na jednom místě
Finami.cz (2016)
Online srovnávač 100% prověřených nebankovních půjček, nabízíme kvalitní půjčky od 100 Kč až do 5 000 000 Kč, bez skrytých poplatků za sjednání a poskytnutí půjčky, ...
Avopix.com (2016)
Absolutely Free Stock Photos & Vectors (CC0)
Bebo.cz (2016)
Obchod s moderními látkovými plenami a dřevěnými hračkami
Dataman.cz (2015)
Import/export, XML, API, aggregating, parsing, scrapping, data mining, ...
FUF.cz (2015)
Czech aggregator with premium home decor, furniture and accessories.
Nabytek12.cz (2015)
Czech e-shop with furniture and home accessories.
99 Urban (2015)
Czech skateboard and longboard e-shop
Online-Textil.cz (2015)
Czech e-shop with custom printed t-shirt and other clothes.
99 Promotion (2014)
Original wooden promo and marketing products.
99 Factory (2014)
OEM and design skateboards and longboards manufacture.
Websourc.es (2013)
Millions of high-quality stock photos, wordpress templates and freebies.
ViaPerletti.com (2014)
Unique Czech glass beads direct from the manufacturer. New offers twice a month. Designer's color trends.
ChytraMama.cz (2013)
Brand new magazine for modern mother!
Simplemetric.com (2013)
Simplest tool for measuring customer experience. Startup with global ambition, which I created with Michal Acler. Launching in 2013!
Skrz.cz (2010-2012)
Daily deals aggregator. My first real own business (startup), which I sold in 2012. Best experience ever, B2B, B2C, affiliate system, hiring staff, delegation etc.
Pixmac.com (2008-2010)
Picture market (microstock). First experience with global project, more than 20 languages, huge database, experience with financial and affiliate system etc.
Hafici.cz (2007)
Community portal for dog owners. My first employer, the Miton.cz, set me to this project. Great experience in the large company and with the users of this website.
MyFreight.cz (2003-2007)
The very first project, for my friend from high school Ondrej Krabs. Lot of experience!
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